In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”


I love mornings. They are my favorite time of the day. I love watching the sun come up as I drink my morning coffee, when I am on the road, while I am sitting at a special spot while traveling. I just love mornings.

One early morning, as we were traveling through Missouri, I kept my eye out for the sunrise. I was looking for a blazing sunrise, one that might make an extraordinary photo. What I got was much better.

The rising of the sun on that morning was not blazing, it was not brilliant, it was not explosive. The sunrise on that day was simple, peaceful and comforting, and it was special. The sliver of moon in the sky only made it better. What I learned was that while we may not always get what we are asking for, or waiting for, what we are given is often so much better!

So on we went, on a short two day trip, remembering how blessed we are to experience moments we never saw coming.