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Just before Christmas I was “window” shopping at an antique store in St. Charles, Missouri with my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter.

The moment I saw this weathered old Adirondack chair…well, I had to have it. So much for just looking! My husband just looked at me when we went back to the store to purchase the chair…but he is a saint, he said very little…and took out his checkbook.

No one will ever sit in it, but treasures of the seasons will rest on it all year long. Right now it is sitting on our front porch as light snow gently falls in this mid-January.

When summer comes I will put it out on our patio where it will share the sunshine and moonlight, the rain and the wind, with flowers and summer greens.

I love lichen, and this old chair, sitting out in a field in Tennessee had a perfect surface on which lichen could grow as it lay in the elements for a very long time. The woman who saved it from the fire heap told me that the color of the lichen turns a vibrant, almost luminous, green when it gets wet. I can hardly wait! But for right now, I love how it looks right on my porch, in the snow, sharing space with the greens of winter.

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge