There are so many moments that you will have just one time, and in one place. Next time you return, if you do, it will be different…the light will change, the mood will change, the family will change, and so will you. You will look at the same place differently than ever you had before, and you will never look at it the same way ever again.

These moments in time are unique, they are special, often they are important…and for these many reasons I never leave the house without my camera…

I do not know what caused these geese to line up, all in a row as they did on this particular gloomy winter day…but I love that they did!

I love catching butterflies…they do not stay in one spot for too very long…

And always, the hardest moments for me come when we are visiting any one of our children, and it is time to say good-bye. So when I have the opportunity for one more moment, to enjoy one last beautiful site…I am going to take it and I am going to cherish it…and all our kids know that!

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge