Yesterday I made the comment that I thought I was looking for spring in all the wrong places. So today I went looking for spring…in any place it was willing to show itself to me. And I found it…it was not on a long drive from home, it was not sitting in the back room watching TV, it was not in a book or in a long nap. It was in a long walk, in my own neighborhood, on a day after the biggest snowfall we have had this year.

This is what spring looks like right now…

Robins...I saw so many

Robins…I saw so many


New leaves on old vines

New life popping up all around!

New life popping up all around!

Can spring be far behind…I don’t think so!

And that brings me back to the title of this post. I do love being old, and I realized that shortly after I retired five years ago. I also loved being a young wife and mother, I loved teaching classrooms full of young children to look at this world with inquisitive eyes. And I loved seeing my grandchildren begin to enter my life even though, while still working, I did not get to see so much of them.

But now I am in my late sixties and I am having the time of my life! Now I have time to look at those kids we raised…pretty well, I would say…and be so proud of them. I have time to visit my grandchildren spread all across the country…I will never get enough of those visits. I have time to learn new things, experience new places, and just sit and think if that is what I want to do. I have time to go out looking for spring!

The sunrise which serves as my featured picture for this post occurred this morning. I noticed it through my window as I was drinking my morning coffee and reading a book. I jumped out of bed, put on my boots, grabbed my camera, and raced outside… in my pajamas. Good thing I did, because two minutes later that beautiful sunrise was clouded over. When I was younger, when I was so busy, when I was so worried about who knows what, I would have never even noticed the sunrise.

I am glad to have been blessed with the opportunity to learn more and do more. I am grateful to be blessed with this time. I love being old…there, I said it!