Fall is almost spent here in mid-Missouri. But as I took my walk today, I noticed that fall is not leaving without providing us with hope for new life to come.

If you look really close, if you focus past the beautiful foliage, if you take the time to stop and examine the natural world around you, you will discover so many things of which you may have never before taken note.

That is what i did today…I tried to see past the falling leaves; I tried to feel past my freezing fingers…it is 31 degrees in mid-afternoon; I tried to imagine past the inch or two of snow forecast for the weekend. And here is what I found…DSCN3860DSCN3843DSCN3842DSCN3854DSCN3841

What a great walk it was. All these seeds, these pods, these berries…they all signal a beautiful spring in the future.

So, let it snow…I’m ready!