Sunrise on the Chesapeake Bay

Mornings are my favorite part of the day. I look forward to them, I cherish them, and I make sure I am up early enough to appreciate them. Raising five children and being a first and second grade teacher meant mornings were the only times that were really mine.

I have learned to cherish that moment of each morning when the sun comes up. It is that moment of first light, first sight, new beginnings, fresh starts…that moment of “let’s go”.

As we were leaving our son’s house in Maryland, he turned to me and said, “Mom, there is one more thing we have to do before you leave. Get your camera and let’s go.” He took me to a small park area on the Chesapeake Bay where, together, we could watch the sun rise. It was beautiful, the beginning of a new day, and that time with him made leaving a little easier.

I spent the month of October taking and reflecting on sunrises. I got some beautiful pictures…and some really gloomy, dreary ones. But I always knew the sun had risen because the darkness was gone. And I always knew it was time to begin.

For me, sunrise and new beginnings help to define bliss!